BATTERY DRINKING-TROUGH: drinking-trough made of sheet galvanized and in stainless steel, he has of a system of buoy that supports constant the level of the water. Standard manufacture in 1 m., 1,5 m. And 2 m. In galvanized and in 1,25 m. Of Stainless steel, made-to-measure manufacture down order. The drinking-trough of stainless steel has of system of I roll over optionally to facilitate his cleanliness.

VAT DRINKING-TROUGH: vat with galvanized warehouse and with a battery drinking-trough of 1,5 m., also galvanized, that allows to have of cold water in any emplacement for
his animals. To facilitate the transport this one vat has wheels and one throws that
it connects to the tractor. Made of different capacities.